Monday, June 29, 2009

A Busy Schedule...

Well, we have accomplished so much in the last week that I don't really know where to start. We have visit ancient king's burial mounds, as evidenced here with Nadia wearing a rice farmer hat, you can see one of the many mounds in the background.
and we have visit many temples, this being one of two towers at a temple. This is one of three famous towers in the area, the Takotap and Sukatop towers were both at the Pulguksa Temple and the third tower, Cheumsungdae, was actually believed to be an observation tower near the king's tombs. I am really bad at translating names from Korean to English so eventually I will come back with the correct spelling of all of these towers, temples and monuments...maybe.
Here is a nuclear cell unit from one of their nuclear power plants. This cell apparently cost 200 American dollars and can provide 1 household 150 years of energy. Also, one kilogram of uranium has the equivalent energy of 9000 drums of oil and 3000 tons of coal. Very efficient if harnessed correctly.

Here is a picture of the pool from the 9th floor balcony of our room at the Daemyung Resort. I slept on the balcony that night and it was one the the coolest feelings in the world to wake up to the sunrise overlooking a beautiful lake in a foreign country. I have seen and experienced things here that have changed me forever. This trip has given me a very unique outlook on life and I will be very sad when I have to leave. Well, I have a whole lot more to blog about but I am kind of limited on time, so next time I will touch on the concerts we have been to and the topic discussions we have had in class, and yes, we are learning as well as having fun, believe it or not. Until next time!-Josh

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  1. i know what you mean about sunrises in other countries, it's hard to explain but so worth the plane ride to get to it.
    you guys win on having the better night life, easily. i can't wait to get back on campus and compare our trips.